• NovelDescent

      Omg The Magic School Bus!!! I swear no one ever remembers Bailey SChool Kids – that is exciting! lol

  1. Aww I loved Sweet Valley and Babysitter’s club! I also loved Gossebumps….aahh adolescence. Then I think when I read the Upside of Unrequited, which to me read like a SVJH book, I was over those just like that. Verdict is still out on SVH and SVU though.

    • NovelDescent

      I haven’t read SVH in years – I have no idea what I would think lol It could be so bad. I was pretty young when I was reading them. I’m currently reading Upside right now – I haven’t formed a big opinion on it yet though. I’m not that far in.

  2. I looooved RL Stine’s “Fear Street” books. I remember feeling so grown up reading them because they were horrors hahahaha. Based on your choices, I reckon you and I are probably around the same age. Did you also read the Gymnast books?

    • NovelDescent

      I thought the same thing about “Fear Street.” lol I thought I was pretty bad ass, since a lot of my friends weren’t allowed to read them when I was.

      I actually have never even heard of the Gymnast books. I had to look them up on Goodreads – they didn’t get on my radar for whatever reason. They look completely up my alley though lol

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