About Me

Hey Everyone! Thanks for stopping by Novel Descent.  My name is Melanie, I am born and raised in Canada and an avid reader and fan girl.  My time usually revolves around reading (obviously), gaming and watching movies.  I am also completely horror movie addict – I’ve seen it all. Most days are spent with my two fur babies.  One is a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix) named Scully and the other is a mix (unsure sure of what) that was rescued from the shelter named Pepper.  They are my heart. You can see them in the photo I’ve put up.  Yes, my dogs go to photoshoots! I’m just that kind of person!

I am not currently working, as I am disabled now.  I did; however, get my degree in criminology and sociology.  I have a particular interest in books surrounding mental illness as I have suffered from PTSD, depression and anxiety for most of my life and am always looking for good representation.  Chronic illness is another subject close to my heart, as again I am now disabled so I’m always looking for books where the main protagonist is also disabled.

I mostly read YA, New Adult and Middle-grade novels.  I have recently been getting more and more into graphic novels and intend to start reviewing those as well.  I enjoy most genres, my favorite being fantasy, science-fiction, horror and contemporary.

On this blog you can expect to find reviews on both new and older releases.  I like to keep it varied so I’m not exclusively reviewing the hottest trends in the book community.  You will also find books hauls, wrap-ups, and various topic discussions.

I am always happy to meet new friends and chat about books – always up for book chats! I normally can’t participate in buddy reads because I co-run a couple of groups and I host book-of-the month reads in those (more info below).  However, don’t be shy to send me a message or a friend request at any of my social media accounts.

Instagram:  @noveldescent

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Twitter: @noveldescent

Email: noveldescent@gmail.com

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I also co-run two book groups.  One is on Facebook and the other is on Goodreads.  You are more than welcome to join in on the fun.

Forgotten YA Gems

Forgotten YA Gems is a Goodreads group.  Ever get tired of all the bookgroups doing the same new releases? This club only reads YA books that are at least five years old.  June’s Book-of-the-Month is The Raven Boys.   Be sure to join us! You can join by clicking the photo or going to Forgotten YA Gems on Goodreads.

Life & Life

Life & Lit is a Facebook group book community.  We talk about all kinds of books, have a book-of-the-month read, contests, reading challenges, and lots more.  Come join the fun! The more the merrier.  To join click on the picture above or by going to Life & Lit on Facebook.