TW5 – Fandoms You Are No Longer In


It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! Top 5 Wednesday, of course!   This is a weekly challenge/meme for book bloggers and booktubers.  The challenge is hosted by Lainy  and Samantha.   If you would like to participate in this weekly challenge then head on over to Goodreads and check it out – Top 5 Wednesday.


This week’s topic is “Fandoms You Are No Longer In.” This is really hard for me to answer because so many fandoms I never really got into because I was older when the books came, such as Twilight.  I’m going to have to give some old school answers on this one I think.  Get ready for a blast from your past!


Babysitter’s Club by Ann M Martin

Told you we were going to be stepping back in time.  The Babysitter’s Club was probably the first chapter books series that I became obsessed with.  I adore all the characters and they felt like people that little girls could easily aspire to be.  Also, when you are younger (and female, in particular) – a lot of the time your first job is babysitting so this is very relatable for most of us.  I used to dream about having a club with friends like in these books.  A few of my friends and I when we were about 11, did form a little Babysitters Club but it didn’t go that far.  It shows you how much influence a “simple” book can have on a person though.  I also happened to ship Maryanne and Logan hardcore!

Babysitter’s Little Sister by Ann M. Martin

Yep, Ann M. Martin had a spin-off series based on The Babysitter’s Club. This focused on the little step-sister of the leader of the Babysitter’s Club Karen.  I started reading these books fairly young and the Little Sister books were by far my favorite.  I only vaguely remember the story lines now, but I remember Karen was a little bit of a trouble-maker and a bit whiny but I adored her all the same.  The memories are flooding back even looking at these covers.  I read dozens of these books.  There are actually 100 books in this series! Now that is a serious commitment!

Bailey School Kids by John Steven Gurney

This series was my jam as a kid.  I really don’t hear it being referenced much and that is a shame because it was so much fun.  I haven’t read this series in probably 20 years or more but I still remember a lot about it.  The kids were likable and the story was always silly and imaginative.  It got a little redundant after awhile but I didn’t seem to care – I read the entire series.  I recently bought one from a second hand store – looking forward to seeing how good (or how awful) it is after all this time.

Sweet Valley High by Francine Pascal 

When I was younger, every single pre-teen girl was reading this series.  It was silly teen angst at its best.  I love watching catty Jessica and sweet Elizabeth make it through highschool.  All the drama they got into.  This series was so popular that it even got its own television show, which I was very dedicated to.  I think these would still be a lot of fun today for a younger audience. I’d love to find these at a second hand store sometime and see if they hold up at all for me.

Fear Street by R.L Stine

I am a HARDCORE horror lover (especially when it comes to films) and generally will read anything to do with scary stories.  However, I actually am NOT a fan of R.L. Stine. I debated even putting this on here.  I did go through a small phase where I loved the Fear Street books.  I’ve read one recently and completely hated it – it just was really poorly written.  When I was 10 these seemed a whole lot cooler.  I was older when Goosebumps came out so I never got on that bandwagon, but I’m guessing I likely would have.  Even though my love of these books was short lived, it still happened.  I have to admit the covers are really cool old school horror covers.  I still love this type of cover – it’s very 80s/90s.


Well, next week I probably won’t be so stuck in the 90s!