Wings: A Fairy Tale (Fairy Wings #1)


Title: Wings: A Fairy Tale (Fairy Wings #1)
Author: E.D. Baker
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: May 1st 2008
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 307
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars





“Unicorns spout the worst kind of drivel. Get up you old fool…”

There’s always been something a little unusual about Tamisin. Her freckles look more like sparkles, and the full moon makes her want to dance.  But nothing could have prepared her for the day when real, working fairy wings sprout from her back. At school there’s a new guy named Jak, who seems to know something she doesn’t. As her world gets stranger by the minute Tamisin finds out more about herself and the fairy world. – Excerpt from Goodreads

I’m a complete sucker for stories about the fae, so it wasn’t hard for me to get immersed in this fun, little fantasy novel.

Our lead character, Tamisin, is different from other girls, she has pointy ears, dances by the moonlight and has a set of wings growing out of her back. Yep, wings! This is starting to complicate things for her a little bit at highschool. It also doesn’t help that she sees little men and creatures all over the place that no one seems to notice but her. That is until Jak shows up.

This story was quite enjoyable. The first half of the book takes place in the “real world” where Tamisin is trying to figure everything that is going on with her. Whereas the second half, which was my favorite, when they actually enter the land of the fae. I loved that there were many different creatures such as fairies, goblins and halflings. Once we were in the fae, I was totally hooked. Taminsin and Jak had great chemistry and were a pleasure to take an adventure with. They were very endearing I thought and I’d be more than happy to read more of their story.

I gave this four stars but it would probably be more of a 3.5 and that is due to a couple of major issues with this book. Tamisin had major things happening in her life, things that are out-of-this-world weird and she never really reacted much to it. Grows wings, meh no big deal. Finds herself in the land of the fae being chased by golblins? Totally normal Tuesday activity for every sixteen year old girl. I wanted to feel the excitement, the terror, everything that a human being would be going through if this was happening to them. Sadly, I got none of that from this book and it really missed that mark in that way. I also love a book with a great cover and this one was kind of blah for me. I think an illustrated cover would have really set the tone better, but now I’m just being nit picky!

Other than that I have no major complaints. The story moved at a decent paced, the main and side characters were all great. The side characters actually stood out more than the main, they got all the great lines. My favorite had to be Jak’s grandmother, I could read an entire book just on her alone. The fact that this book goes into the land of fae makes it hard to screw up too much in my world. So, I’d recommend this to anyone who refuses to grow up and just wants to play with unicorns, fairies, and goblins.

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